Why Coaching Attic?

The Coaching Attic is a space in Bucharest where open-minded people learn and experience the best way to practice coaching as a new career (coaches & becoming coaches), in their current position (managers & HR professionals) or in their business (entrepreneurs).

It is an actual attic in our home in Cotroceni area, a cozy space where we already welcomed more than 100 people: coaching clients, partners, coaches who attended our events. People appreciate mostly the friendly atmosphere, quality of people, sharing relevant experiences, talking openly and finding solutions to their problems.

After 3 groups of supervision, 9 people embrace a coaching career, 2 persons become ACC and 8 persons are in the process of accreditation with ICF for ACC or PCC. In addition to this, in our working groups they solved challenges related with their business, like finding their professional voice, attracting ideal clients, or identify their target market and they learned specialized coaching processes(contracting leadership process and facilitating relationships).

Our mission in 2014 in Coaching Attic continues with:
Coaching 101 – open coaching conversation, exercises, knowledge.

Stay tuned for our summer events.

Mentoring & Supervision Groups – mentoring and supervised coaching sessions based on ICF competences for coaches interested in getting ICF accreditations or raising their existing coaching level
Masterminds – coaches & students working in groups for brainstorm new ideas and leave with a real action plan for their business.

Reserve yourself a seat for the next meeting!


Address: Bucharest, Doctor Herescu 31, 2nd floor (the attic)

©2017 Serban Chinole

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